About Anna
Anna was discovered by an itinerate troupe of wandering rat catchers. She was about 10 years old and was huddled in the fetal position in a dark corner of a ragged bedroom in a single wide trailer in the bad part of town. She had three items in her possession. A half naked rag doll, a bottle of Southern Comfort and a tazer gun. Over the years, she lost the tazer in a dice game with german missionaries but she is still in close contact with the other two items.

She recently graduated with a degree in pole dancing from the University of Phoenix via the finest Tennessee State Mental Health Facilities. She now makes her living as a full time side show queen and part time dominatrix.

Bennie discovered her in a shot drinking contest in a dingy biker bar in 2008. Two bikers were passed out on the floor and Anna hadn't begun to stagger. Bennie immediately recognized her as side show material and apporached her about joining the act. She agreed and he began teaching her a few acts and she taught him a thing or two as well. They have been inseperable ever since...

Anna has proven to be a great asset on stage and has quickly become an audience favorite.