What Does Bennie & Anna Do?
Fire eating and fire breathing,
Human Blockhead (driving nails and screwdrivers into the nose)
Tongue Impalement (nailing tongue to a 2x4)
Chopping vegetables off Anna's bare spine with a razor sharp cleaver.
Indestructible hands (placing hand in animal traps. Smashing fingers with unopened food can.
Sewing buttons to bare arm.
Laying on a bed of nails while audience members stand on his chest
Sandwiched between two beds of nails while audience members sit on top bed.
Concrete block broken off Anna's chest with sledge hammer while she is laying on bed of nails.
Anna's Human Pin Cushion
Stapling dollar bills to forehead.
Letting audience members staple cash to chest (closing act)
Bed of barbed wire.
Bennie is The World’s Most Famous Sword Swallower Who Has Never Actually Swallowed A Sword. (ask for details)
Human Dartboard (audience members throw darts at the dartboard tattooed to back)
Bennie and Anna perform the Dance Of Danger by doing a barefoot tango in broken glass.
Anna's Straightjacket Escape
Laying in broken glass, face down, while audience members walk on his back and stands on his head.
Lifting and swinging heavy weights from pierced body parts.
Lighting a cigarette with sparks to the face from an angle grinder on a steel bar.
Eating, chewing and swallowing glass light bulbs.
Using Superglue to attach a bowling ball to the unprotected palm of his hand. (on request)
The Electric Girl act which has 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through Anna's body and lighting light bulbs and torches.

New acts added on a regular basis...
Preparing for The Human Pincushion...